When Sara Kuhl's mama asked “what makes you happy & what is fun for you?” Sara quickly answered “making people look & feel pretty.” Her mama replied “Well, do what you do & do it well!” & it was then that Sara was on her way to establish Kuhl MaKeup. Growing up in Cincinnati, a city far from the center of entertainment, it never occurred to Sara that she could make her 'fun' an actual career.

Without hesitation & no chance of changing her mind, Sara quickly left for Orlando, Florida to attend Joe Blasco Makeup Center & later moved to Los Angeles. Sara realized she was on an exciting path & there was no stopping her. Like a little girl in the makeup aisle, she couldn’t get enough. Her intuition, focus, drive to learn & practicing her craft on a daily basis is what has built Kuhl MaKeup’s success. It has developed a vision from a dream to an actual company. Kuhl MaKeup links professionalism with the creative skill of makeup which keeps the intimacy & passionate work ethic that Sara’s clients crave.

Picture the fast pace of a movie set but with an environment of calmness and the personal attention that a bride deserves on her wedding day...

This is the standard Kuhl MaKeup brings to every project while personalizing your experience and giving you peace of mind.

Booking a broad range of projects through the years has given Sara the experience to decide what Kuhl MaKeup specializes in: Commercials/Advertising & Red Carpet Media. Perfection of a technique with a flawless complexion is Sara’s commitment to you. She is fun,creative,punctual & brings a humble presence with high energy! Kuhl MaKeup welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust & deliver you the best service in the industry.